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Appleby's IRA Foundations Training Program

IRA Compliance & Management Training for Staff & Junior Advisors

Do you worry your team is delivering incorrect information about IRAs and other retirement accounts?

Or missing opportunities that could bring in new assets?

Your staff –  including customer service reps, junior advisors, rookies, relationship managers, para-planners – represents you and your business.

Everyone at your firm needs to be on the right page when they talk with clients about IRAs and how to handle them.

But IRAs are complicated. It’s easy to make mistakes and incorrect information can lead to serious liabilities that could cost you clients, new business – even your reputation.

Ensure your team delivers the correct information every time

Protect yourself and your firm by providing employees with foundational IRA training specifically designed to boost your team’s overall professionalism in managing retirement accounts.

In a matter of weeks, we can deliver a personalized IRA training program for your staff that will:

  • Upgrade your team’s technical knowledge of IRAs and other retirement accounts
  • Increase your firm’s IRA compliance knowledge 
  • Develop processes and forms that will streamline IRA management
  • Deliver application techniques and retirement insights that will strengthen client relationships
  • Help your team understand the difference between tax/legal advice and education, and avoid providing information that is non-compliant

Best of all, you will feel confident knowing your team can provide accurate IRA information to clients, identify problems, avoid common errors and spot opportunities that could lead to more business.

How the IRA Foundations Training Program works

Denise Appleby, CISP, CRC, CRPS, APA, JM, will personally lead, oversee and deliver IRA training for your firm. Once engaged, Denise and her team will:

      • Assess your staff’s IRA knowledge level and skill set
      • Meet with you to determine the training content and schedule
      • Deliver a personalized, interactive, live training program in 7 critical areas (generally 10-14 hours of instruction)
      • Provide all technical material including workbooks, checklists, forms and reference guides to help your staff apply what they’ve learned
      • Offer 30-days of technical consultations after formal training ends to help your team synthesize the material, apply the techniques and revamp workflows

While the technical content might change depending on your employees’ level of knowledge, we generally employ a version of the following training modules to create your customized curriculum:

Module 1. The Basics of IRAs. This module introduces your team to the world of IRAs, setting the foundation for more advance IRA knowledge and helping ensure comprehension and retention. (1 hour)

Module 2. The A-Z Compliance of IRA Set-Up. This module outlines the documentation and compliance requirements that must be met when clients set up IRAs. (1-2 hours)

Module 3. The Compliance of IRA Contribution. Here we step your team through the statutory rules and compliance requirements for accepting IRA contributions. (2 hours)

Module 4. IRA Portability: From Transfers to Rollovers. This will help your staff understand the rules, regulations, and limitations that apply to moving IRAs, including Roth IRA conversions. (2 hours)

Module 5. The Tax Treatment of IRA Distribution – Early, Optional and RMDs. Even your staff needs to understand when distributions might be taxable, when the 10% early distribution penalty could apply, and the difference between optional and required distributions. (2 hours)

Module 6. How to Prevent IRA Mistakes. This discussion provides a review of some of the key rules in earlier modules, and provide workable solutions to help clients protect their IRAs from costly mistakes. (2 hours)
Module 7. Rollovers Strategies for Asset Consolidation in Retirement Accounts. This will help your staff guide clients through the rollover process, spot opportunities, employ tax reduction strategies, and avoid rollover moves that could result in loss of tax-saving opportunities. (2 hours)

All training sessions are live, interactive and delivered by Denise personally so she can answer your staff’s questions as she moves through the materials.

Participants receive checklists, cheat sheets and educational materials to help them apply what they’ve learned, including some of the following handouts:

Get your team 'IRA-ready' now!

You know how hard it is to stay on top of all the rule changes and legislative developments when it comes to IRAs and other retirement accounts. 

It’s even more difficult for your staff. And what’s hard for your staff can cause serious problems for your clients and prospects.

Contact Denise for more details on how a customized IRA Foundations Training Program can give your team the technical expertise they need to properly administer clients’ IRAs.

Because the last thing you want to worry about is whether your staff is making mistakes. Especially when they represent you, your brand and your firm.

Contact Denise today. Send her an e-mail at to discuss how to maximize your teams’ potential and give them the training they need to prevent and solve IRA problems.

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